Hey, I’m back with some interesting updates!

This past week I managed to do my first ever presentation about Nauru which went rather fine. Focusing more about tuna in the WCPO (particularly in PNA waters) I found that our main catches were free school skipjack and yellowfin tuna caught by using purse seining method. Free-school means the fish was caught when swimming freely in the ocean; in the wild.

I also learned that the Pacifical Branded Tuna can be traced all the way back to the Island ports. It was fascinating to see who, when, where and how these Tuna Species were caught, and I got to track some products myself, as any consumer can and should do with Pacifical products.

To know the origin of the product we consume is very cooperative. MSC certifies that Pacifical Tuna products are caught sustainably and wants consumers to act responsibly and be one with nature. Do you care about the future of our oceans and people? Well the ball is in your hands.

When Easter started I got to join a traditional Dutch Easter lunch, food was satisfying with all different taste then a glass of wine to wind things up later we took a tour to sight see the beautiful lake which was worth it.

The following day I had quite an adventurous journey, I joined a family on a trip to the Cheese Farm in the countryside. We had to cycle all the way to our destination and back, they said it was 45 min but I felt like cycling round my island twice…you can’t imagine the pain I went through. Upon arriving we had refreshments before the tour, I was so looking forward for the release of the cows as I’ve heard they jolly jump at the sight of the outdoor. Cheese tasting was the best part of my tour, all that amount with so many different flavors out of all I loved Beer Cheese.

Later that day we visited a Natural Park where I experienced the biggest Forest Sand Dune ever, everything was perfect the touch of sand the beautiful view and the sight of several species of dogs. A small lake was in sight for dogs to play and I just wished it was the ocean for me to join as well, we sat and had our lunch before heading back.


Photo taken during the Cheese Farm tour.

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