Week 1 – 14,000 Km Away From Home

Ekamawir Omo! My name is Christsent Rokobuli and I am from the Republic of Nauru, the smallest nation of the PNA, which is located 42 km south of the Equator in the South Pacific Ocean.

I recently started my internship at PACIFICAL, intrigued by the work and knowledge it has to offer. Back at home, I work for the Nauruan government under the Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment. I see many ways in which this internship can help develop the commercial marketing and sales of Nauru, apart from improving my own abilities as a marketer in an international business. I will be managing the Pacifical Insider blog for the next months.

I left Nauru on the 3rd of March and arrived in Oosterhout on March 10thit was quite a journey! I was told that winter season had just passed but to be honest, I was freezing to the bones as soon as I landed.

The landscape here in the Netherlands is breathtaking, as a first-time traveler it still feels like a dream. Spring is on its way and I have the privilege to see changing season. I’m fascinated by the cycling routine, with everyone riding a bike to work or school – probably because we don’t take cycling seriously back in the islands.

On my first day at the Pacifical Headquarters I was greeted with smiles and welcoming gestures. I was given time to look into some work ethics, see relevant websites, familiarize myself with my fellow colleagues, and start learning about the tuna industry (wow!).

Seeing yellowfin tuna in a can and packed frozen is quite extraordinary for me, as there are no tuna canneries in Nauru. I knew that tuna can be used in various ways but to actually see it and taste it is something new, different taste and perspectives of tuna. Pacifical has given me a vivid picture about the importance of tuna so far, and I am eager to learn a lot more for the coming days.

Work flowed through my first week and things got interesting by the day, I was given my initial assignment by the Pacifical Office to prepare a presentation about Nauru. During the following weeks, I expect to gain further knowledge on Tuna Fisheries in the PNA nations and how Pacifical came to be.

Friday came in a flash, so we finished work early and played a Dutch Board Game called Sjolen, a very interesting game (I won the first round!!). Everyone is really open and interactive, it feels just like my office back at home.


Nauru is the smallest island nation, and the third smallest country in the world! It’s only 21 square km, the size of an international airport.



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