Traceable and Sustainable

Hi Everyone! I hope you were able to visit and learn something new from the Pacifical website that I introduced on my blog last week. If you have not been able to check out the website, today is your lucky day because I’ll be sharing some great information and exciting facts on today’s blog about … Continue reading Traceable and Sustainable


Month of Fun Learning

“Lit” is a simple informal term used when “fun” becomes an understatement while describing something. So with that, let’s just say that last week so lit – it was more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Although I was a little under the weather on Monday and had to stay home to get some rest, … Continue reading Month of Fun Learning

Week 6 – Time to pack up, thanks for filling my suitcase!

Hah! It's been such an eventful week with interviews, celebrations, games and also valuable information, I’m starting to be more interested in what Pacifical has yet to show me, but unfortunately also bring some sad news to all of you Pacifical Insider readers. I kicked off the week attending a meeting in Amsterdam with Mr. … Continue reading Week 6 – Time to pack up, thanks for filling my suitcase!